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Wondering why you should join the Motion Affiliate program?

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Refer customers to Motion and get rewarded!
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💰 Earn money every time someone you refer becomes a paying Motion customer
💯 Help your audience or network become more productive and organized by making them aware of Motion
📈 Track your performance and how much you’re earning in real-time via your own dashboard

Steps To Become An Affiliate Partner

  • Apply to be a part of the program here: . You can also view program terms and payout information at that link.
  • If there are fields that don’t apply to you on the application (say a company website if you don’t have a website), just put “NA”.
  • Once you apply, we will get a notification and review your application.
  • You will get an email from Impact, the company that makes the technology that powers our affiliate program, when you are approved.
  • You can then log back into Impact to get your standard affiliate tracking link / create new ones if you want to use different ones for your own tracking purposes. You can create a link by either clicking the link icon on the left of the screen or by using the create a link modal on your dashboard.
  • Note that post approval, you may have to explicitly logout and then log back in for Motion to come up as a partner on your Impact dashboard.
Questions: email: [email protected]