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Overall Value Proposition


For Individuals

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Overall Value Proposition

Meet Motion. The app that uses artificial intelligence to help you get 25% more done. For only 62 cents a day.

It takes all of your tasks. All of your meetings. And builds the perfect, custom schedule to enhance your productivity and get more done in less time.

Swap out the to-do lists and calendars. Swap in Motion.

The AI-powered personal assistant app that helps you get 25% more done. For only 62 cents a day.

“I tried Motion for the first time and I thought, ‘wow!’ Motion is easily the most exciting tool I’ve used in a very, very long time.” - Julian Weisser, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief at On Deck


Calendar - Motion’s Intelligent Calendar takes your meetings. Your tasks. Your to-do list. Your activities. And creates one perfect, optimized schedule to get it all done. Become insanely productive — without spending hours each week religiously and manually planning your schedule. Let Motion's software do it for you.

Task Management - The Motion Task Manager doesn’t just manage and organize your tasks. It prioritizes and adds tasks to your schedule to make sure you complete everything by deadline. No more to-do lists. No more siloed project management tools. Way more work getting done.

Project Management - People can’t forget. Motion adds projects and tasks to each individual’s calendar. People naturally check their calendar throughout the day. Projects aren’t siloed in a separate platform. Creates a plan. Motion actually prioritizes work and builds a plan for everyone to finish projects by deadline, automatically. One tool. Motion gives your team one tool for personal and team productivity and planning.

Meeting Assistant (Booking Link) - Schedule fewer meetings. At better times. And in less time. Motion’s Meeting Scheduler acts as your personal assistant, handling the laborious scheduling and communication for you. All you need to do? Show up to your meeting. (And we even make that easier too via 1-click join notifications)

For Individuals

  • Value propositions:

    • Save time

      • Save one day a week

      • Save 2 hours a day

      • Have 13 months in a year

    • Enjoy life

      • Enjoy more time with family

      • Enjoy more time surfing/vacation

      • Be happier

      • Don’t work on weekends

      • 4-hour work days and relax

    • Get more work done

      • More focus time to do real work

      • Be 25% more productive a day

      • Do real work instead of frivolous manual work

    • Reduce stress

      • Don’t worry about missing deadlines

      • Don’t feel overwhelmed by number of tasks (endless todo list)

      • Don’t get overwhelmed by too many meetings

      • Don’t get overwhelmed by a busy calendar

      • Don’t forget tasks

      • Complete all important tasks on time

      • Never double-book between work and personal calendars

      • Help with ADHD

        • Always on top of things

        • Better focus

        • Always organized

  • How (high-level product):

    • Automatically plan your day so you don’t have to manually do it

      • Take everything you need to do - tasks, meetings, personal commitments…etc - and automatically create the perfect daily agenda for you with A.I.

      • Whenever anything changes - emergencies popping up, things taking longer than expected, priorities changing…etc - Motion automatically reshuffles your entire schedule so you don’t have to manually do that 20x a day.

      • Motion has the most accurate algorithm in the world to plan your perfect day, with the goal of maximizing your happiness

    • Plan tasks so you don’t miss deadlines, and warn you when you might

      • Motion automatically plans your day so that all deadlines can be met

      • Motion automatically warns you when you have too much on your plate

      • Motion warns you when you might miss deadlines because you don’t have enough time for all your tasks

    • Motion tells you what’s the most important thing to do at any given moment

      • No need to manually sort through your entire todo list to figure out the most important item - Motion does it automatically

      • Stop context switching and multi-tasking by only working on the most important thing at a time

    • Gives you more focus and deep work time

      • Motion blocks out focus time for you so you don’t have meetings all day

      • Schedule meetings at optimal times that maximize focus time

      • Schedule meetings next to each other to maximize focus time

    • Syncing between personal, work, and all user calendars

For Teams

Note: all individual value propositions and “how” still hold here for each team member - I’m not gonna copy/paste and repeat them. Everything below is specifically for team and not individual

  • Value propositions:

    • Happy clients

      • Never miss client project deadlines

      • Clients can see real-time progress of their projects and tasks (upcoming)

      • Clients know exactly when things will be done (upcoming)

      • Your team gets more time to do actual client work instead of planning

    • More money

      • Increase team output by 25%

      • Time spent on manual planning can now be spent doing additional work for more clients

      • Retain clients better

    • Less stress as owner

      • Never worry about missing client deadline

      • Never worry about angry clients again

      • Always know exactly what everyone is working on and what’s their daily/weekly plan

      • Always on top of when each project and task will be done, and what’s their current progress

      • No longer need to check-in frequently with each teammate on their progress

      • Reduces the need to micro-manage employees so they are happier and more productive

      • No longer need to manually plan and re-plan everything all the time

      • There are hundreds of tasks within dozens of projects your team needs to complete each week for your clients - all with different priorities, deadlines, assigness…etc - Motion automatically prioritizes all of them for you instead of you having to go in and manually sort everything.

  • How:

    • Automatically prioritize what each employee should work on

      • Automatically schedule tasks on employees’ calendars that represent the most important and urgent work

      • Automatically prioritize tasks so that each employee always knows the most important task to work on, at any given moment, without manual sorting.

      • Re-prioritize every employee’s task plan whenever plans change - e.g. an urgent project came up, or something taking longer than expected.

    • Visibility into what each employee is working on, and when will every task & project be done (coming soon)

      • See when every task & project is planned to finish

      • View every employees’ daily agenda (automatically planned by Motion) to understand what they are working on

      • See what are blockers to project completion and understand when these blockers will be removed.

    • Clients can view progress and expected completion date of every project & task

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