Common Troubleshooting Questions

Stuck? Here is how to get started.

(1) I already applied. How do I log back into Impact?

Go to and sign-in with the same account that you used to apply.

Once logged into Impact click "Home". Make sure the create link dropdown is for "Motion Affiliate". And click create if there is no unique URL generated already. If you have multiple affiliate link locations you can make multiple unique URLs if needed.

(3) How do I review terms and accept the affiliate proposal that you sent to me?

The proposal can be accepted by navigating to Brands > Invites > scroll down and click Motion Affiliates > Review Terms > click the 'Actions' drop-down in the upper right > Accept.

(4) I've already applied. When will you approve my application?

We approve applications on a rolling basis within 7 calendar days, often much sooner. Thanks for the patience!

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